Exercise 1.0 - A Guided Tour of CloudForms

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Exercise 1.0: How to Access CloudForms

Exercise Description

This exercise provides a quick tour of the console to help you get familiar with the user interface, along with some key terminology we will use in subsequent workshop content. If you are already familiar with the basics of CloudForms you can skip this exercise — after making sure you can login.

Key Terms

Before sinking our teeth into Cloud Forms, it is important to understand some terminology. CloudForms enables cloud and infrastructure management.

What you will learn

You will learn how to access CloudForms. CloudForms provides a web console that allow you to perform various tasks via a web browser. Let’s get started by logging into this and checking the status of the platform.

Step 1: Navigate to the CloudForms Management Engine web interface.

Navigate to the CloudForms Management Engine interface, using the URL provided by your instructor.

Step 2: Log in

Login with the user/password provided (if there’s an icon on the Desktop, just double click that).

Accept any warnings regarding the SSL certificate.

Login Webpage

Step 3: View the Cloud Intelligence dashboard

Once logged in you should see the Cloud Intelligence dashboard. This customized dashboard shows four (or more) widgets.

Cloud Intel Dashboard

Step 4: Explore Cloud Intel Dashboard

Explore the data in each of the widgets:

Feel free to zoom in, download, open in a new window, minimize, and then minimize it in the dashboard (you also can remove the data from the dashboard, but do not do this now).

To return to this screen, select Cloud IntelDashboard.

Step 5: Experiment with widgets

Lastly, experiment with dragging widgets to tailor the view.

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