Exercise 1.16 - Explore Containers

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What Are Containers?

A container is an application sandbox. Your software wrapped in a complete filesystem containing everything it needs to run.

Traditional OS vs. Containers

Explore Containers

Go to ComputeContainers.

Container Providers

Select a Container Provider.

This page displays quantitative details about your containers, such as the number of nodes, containers, registries, projects, pods, services, images, and routes, as well as graphs displaying the nodes and network utilization.

Container Provider Overview

You can click each element to see a list and then click the individual items in the list to see the details for that item.

This lab does not contain any Volumes or Builds, but you can see them in a live environment.

Go to ComputeContainersTopology.

Container Topology

Explore the filtering features by activating and deactivating any of the following items on the map:

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