Exercise 1.8 - Explore Group and User Access Controls

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Explore Access Control

Go to Administrator (in the top right corner of the screen) → Configuration and select the Access Control accordion.

Configuration Dashboard

Access Control

Add a role by modifying a copy of an existing role:

Select RolesEvmRole-user.

EvmRole-user Role

Click (Configuration), then click (Copy).

EvmRole-user Copy Role

  1. For Name, enter Consumer1-Role.
  2. On the right, expand ServicesCatalogs ExplorerService Catalogs.
  3. Check the Modify box and click Add.

EvmRole-user Add Role

Add a group:

  1. Select Groups.
  2. Click (Configuration), then click (Add).
  3. For Description, enter Consumer1-Group.
  4. For Role, select Consumer-Role.
  5. For Project/Tenant, select Red Hat.
  6. Click Add.

Add Group

Add a user:

  1. Select Users.
  2. Click (Configuration), then click (Add).
    • Fill out the resulting form with consumer as the username and a password of your choosing.
  3. Select Consumer-Group for Group and click Add.

Add User

Account Verification

In the top right corner, click Administrator | EVM and select Logout.


Instead of logging in and out of the admin account to do this, you can open a new browser or a "private" or "incognito" window in the same browser.
  1. Log in to CloudForms as the consumer user with the password you set.
  2. Observe that the default dashboard is different from the administrator dashboard.
  3. This dashboard has a different set of widgets and fewer selections in the left bar (Cloud Intelligence, Services, Compute, and Settings).
  4. Explore the data provided.

Customer-Group User

This data is more specific and targeted to end users.

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