Exercise 1.1 - Pulling and Running Container Images

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Pull Images

Use the following command to pull a RHEL image from the Red Hat repository:

podman pull command
podman pull registry.access.redhat.com/rhel7

An image is identified by a repository name (registry.access.redhat.com), a namespace name (rhel7) and the image name (rhel). You could also add a tag (which defaults to :latest if not entered). The repository name rhel. If the container registry URL is not specified in the pull command, it could result in the retrieval of an image that originates from an untrusted registry. There can be multiple versions of the same image. A specific version can be selected by adding a tag, such as :latest to form a name such as rhel:latest or rhel7:7.5-231.

Skopeo allows the ability to inspect containers stored in a registry. Using the inspect option shows details of the selected container. An enhancement over the the docker tool is the skopeo inspect command’s ability to list all tags of the specified container.

skopeo inspect docker://registry.access.redhat.com/rhel7

Podman can be used to see what container images are in the local repository:

podman images
REPOSITORY                         TAG      IMAGE ID       CREATED      SIZE
registry.access.redhat.com/rhel7   latest   7a840db7f020   2 days ago   211MB

Inspecting the container tools environment

Now that you have the Linux container tools installed, with a few containers available, you can start investigating what makes up a container. Run podman info option to check the container environment details.

podman info command
podman info
  MemFree: 1050951680
  MemTotal: 1926369280
  SwapFree: 0
  SwapTotal: 0
  arch: amd64
  cpus: 1
  hostname: ip-10-0-2-211.ec2.internal
  kernel: 3.10.0-862.3.2.el7.x86_64
  os: linux
  uptime: 19h 36m 30.42s (Approximately 0.79 days)
insecure registries:
  registries: []
  - registry.access.redhat.com
    number: 0
  GraphDriverName: overlay
  - overlay.override_kernel_check=true
  GraphRoot: /var/lib/containers/storage
    Backing Filesystem: xfs
    Native Overlay Diff: "true"
    Supports d_type: "true"
    number: 0
  RunRoot: /var/run/containers/storage

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