Exercise 1 - Install JDV and JBDS

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Download JBoss Data Virtualization

Download JBoss Developer Studio

Install JBoss Data Virtualization (JDV)

java -jar jboss-dv-6.3.0-1-installer.jar

Take note of the directory you use to install JDV, it will be helpful when installing JBoss Developer studio. In the instructions it will be referred to as $JBOSS_HOME



If you are connecting to this server from machines other than localhost. You need to allow outside connections like this

./standalone.sh -b -bmanagement

Install JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS)

java -jar devstudio-11.0.0.GA-installer-standalone.jar


For Linux and/or Mac users running via the command prompt, if you see the following errors:

(Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio:23670): Gtk-WARNING **: Negative content width -5 (allocation 1, extents 3x3) while allocating gadget (node toolbar, owner GtkToolbar)

You need a tweak to the launcher to force usage of GTK2 instead of GTK3.
Either create a wrapper script like this

export SWT_GTK3=0


or edit $STUDIO_HOME/studio/devstudio.ini and add


at the very beginning of the file

Install teiid Designer

If you do not see JBoss Data Virtualization Development listed, check the Enable Early Access checkbox in the lower right. Sometimes the teiid designer release does not sync with the JBDS release.

Configure the server settings

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