Lab 3: Node Registration

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For the purposes of this workshop, we have already subscribed the nodes to the repositories needed to install OpenShift.


If you are participating in a workshop with this content, do NOT perform the following steps. The repositories you need have already been added to your nodes and the steps below are for reference.


Below is a description of what would normally be required to register and subscribe your nodes in order to install OpenShift. The full documention for the steps outlined below can be found here.


You will need to register each node in your cluster to RHSM. Start by opening an SSH session to each of your nodes.


Subscribe Nodes

On each node, run the following command to register your nodes:

sudo subscription-manager register --username=<user_name> --password=<password>

Attach OpenShift Pool

List the available subscriptions related to OpenShift:

sudo subscription-manager list --available --matches '*OpenShift*'

Find the Pool ID in the output from the previous command and use it to attach the pool to your nodes:

sudo subscription-manager attach --pool=<pool_id>

Enable Required Repos

Before enabling the required repositories, ensure that all repositories are disabled:

sudo subscription-manager repos --disable='*'

Enable all of the required repositories:

sudo subscription-manager repos \
    --enable="rhel-7-server-rpms" \
    --enable="rhel-7-server-extras-rpms" \
    --enable="rhel-7-server-ose-3.6-rpms" \

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