Lab 4: Bastion Host Preparation

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Bastion Node

The first set of steps for this lab will only apply to the node you will be performing your installation from. In this workshop, we will be using your bastion node for this.

Base Packages

The following base packages need to be installed your bastion node:

Begin by opening an SSH connection to your bastion node:


Install the required base packages on your bastion node:

sudo yum install wget git net-tools bind-utils iptables-services bridge-utils bash-completion kexec-tools sos psacct -y

Update all existing packages on your bastion node:

sudo yum update -y

OpenShift Installer Utilities

Install the OpenShift installer utilities and other tools required by the installation process, such as Ansible and related configuration files:

sudo yum install atomic-openshift-utils -y

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