Lab - Run the App

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Step 1 - Create a Route to the Gochat Service

First we expose the pod with a service.

oc expose dc wetty --port=8080 --target-port=8080 --name=gochat

Then we expose the service with a route.

oc expose svc gochat

Step 2 - Download the App

go get

Step 3 - Get Your OpenShift Token

You'll need this in step 5.

oc whoami -t

Step 4 - Run the App

openshift-gochat-client -host :8080 -chatServer gochat-server.gochat-server.svc.cluster.local:8080 -templatePath go/src/ -logtostderr

Step 5 - Access the App

Go back to the OpenShift WebUI and click on the "gochat" URL.

Step 6 - Sign in to the App

Log in to the app with your OpenShift token.

Step 7 - Test the App

Send a message!

Step 8 - Logout

Step 9 - Quit the App

In the Wetty terminal ctrl+c to stop the server.

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