Exercise 1.1 - Running an Ansible playbook

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Objective: Configure Edge node to run a Performance CoPilot agent

As part of this exercise, you will be running a pre-existing Ansible playbook pre-loaded into your CodeReady Workspace.

The playbook is written to showcase a series of basic Ansible concepts.

Note: The following commands below need to be run from within the Ansible terminal

Step 1: Checking a playbook playbook for correct syntax

However, before you run the playbook, lets take a few moments to understand the options.

  • init-pcp.yml This is the name of the playbook that we are running.

  • -v Altough not used here, this increases verbosity. Try running your playbook a second time using -v or -vv to increase the verbosity (debugging information).

  • --syntax-check If you run into any issues with your playbook running properly (from the copy/pasting that we told you not to do), you could use this option to help find those issues like so…​

Go to your playbook directory ( ~/edge ), and run a syntax check of your playbook:

cd ~/edge
ansible-playbook init-pcp.yml --syntax-check

Now, let’s look at the playbook by selecting it from the file list on the left.

pcp setup code review

Based on the above, let’s run the playbook

ansible-playbook init-pcp.yml

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