Exercise 1.4 - Explore Reports

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Exercise 1.4 - Explore Reports

Exercise Description

In this exercise, you will learn how to view, search and customize reports.

In Red Hat CloudForms, reports have been constructed to help you view the most commonly requested and significant data. With appropriate access credentials, you can also create reports. CloudForms Management Engine provides a large group of default reports, organized into categories. Each category has a set of subfolders.

Section 1: Explore Reports

Step 1: Select Cloud IntelReports.

Navigate Reports

The Saved Reports accordion contains previously generated reports.

Saved Reports Accordion

Step 2: Scroll through the Saved Reports and select VM Performance.

Saved Reports VM Performance

Step 3: Select the previously generated report under it and observe that the report’s output is on the right.

Step 4: To download the report, click (Download).

Saved Reports VM Performance Download

Step 5: Explore the other reports.

Section 2: View Customization Options

The Reports accordion lists reports you can run on demand or by scheduling.

Step 1: Click the Reports accordion.

Reports Accordion

Step 2: Scroll down and select My Company…, then click the light blue Custom folder.

My Company Custom Reports

Step 3: Select any of the reports and observe that the report configuration displays on the right side as you select it.

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