Exercise 1.5 - Examine Infrastructure Provisioning

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What's Infrastructure Provisioning?

In Red Hat CloudForms, when a virtual machine or cloud instance is provisioned, it goes through multiple phases. First, the request must be made. The request includes ownership information, tags, virtual hardware requirements, the operating system, and any customization of the request. Second, the request must go through an approval phase, either automatic or manual. Finally, the request is executed.

Execution consists of pre-processing and post-processing. Pre-processing acquires IP addresses for the user, creates VMDB instances, and creates the virtual machine based on information in the request. Post-processing activates the VMDB instance.

Provision VM Workflow

Examine Infrastructure Provisioning

Select ComputeInfrastructureVirtual Machines.

Infrastructure VMs

On the left, in the VMs accordion, select All VMs & Templates.

On the right, click (Lifecycle).

Select (Provision VMs), and observe the following.

Provision VMs

You are provided with a list of templates.

Template List

The Provider column shows some templates are from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager and others are from VMware.

Select any template and click Continue.

Template Continue

On the resulting page, perform the steps indicated below for each tab and look at the data requested.

Provision Virtual Machines

Because you are working in a lab environment, nothing happens after these steps.

On the resulting screen, observe that your provision request appears in a list. If you are in an environment with real infrastructure, you can monitor this area for the status of the VM build.

Provision Request

You can also arrive at this screen by clicking ServicesRequests.

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