Exercise 1.9 - Introduction to Catalogs

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The following steps are initially run as a non-admin customer account.

Exercise 1.9 - Introduction to Catalogs

Exercise Description

This exercise enables you to explore and verify the catalog configuration.

Section 1: Explore Catalog Configuration

Step 1. Select ServicesCatalogs.

Services Catalog

Step 2. On the right, select the Deploy Ticket Monster on VMware catalog item.

Ticket Monster

Step 3. Click Order to order the service.

Step 4. Enter values for DBName and App Server Name and click Submit.

Ticket Monster Submit

The request is submitted in a similar way to provisioning as admin, but with fewer choices.

Section 2: Verify Catalog Configuration

Step 1. Log out of the consumer account and log in to the admin account.

Step 2. Select ServicesRequests.

Ticket Monster Verify

Step 3. Click the request you just made.

On the request screen, review the request that was just generated. In this demo environment, the system does not actually build, so continue to the next section.

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