Exercise 4.0 - Update to a new container on OpenShift and field to edge

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Exercise Description

Now that we can pull a container from OpenShift and move it to an edge node via Ansible Automation, let’s repeat the process with a new release using the artifacts that we created.

Let’s Login to the Web Console

In your browser & in a new tab, connect to the Red Hat OpenShift console


rhocp login

Let’s build the pipeline with a new release

Select Pipelines in the left menu

s2i pipelines

Click the 3 veritcal dots next to the far right of the edge pipeline

s2i pipelines start

Click Edit Pipeline and then change GIT_REVISION from "release1" to "release2" and hit [Start]:



Once the deploy is complete, you will see that the edge workload on Red Hat OpenShift is on release2

Select Topology in the left menu

s2i view topology

Review running container

s2i view topology url

While the edge workload on the edge node is on release1


Now on your own, log into Ansible Tower and rerun the Field container to edge node template by pressing the rocket to field release2 to the edge - Red Hat Enterprise Linux system

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