Linux Containers the Hard Way

Workshop Description

This workshop will deep dive into the Linux internals that enable containers to work. Containers will be demystified so developers and admins will have a better grasp at what their favorite container engine is doing at runtime.

Who should attend

Today’s container workshop is meant for anyone who has any exposure to Linux containers, and assumes that you have run a container or two. If you have had no exposure to containers, that’s fine too, just don’t be shy about asking questions.

What you will learn

  • How a container is made

  • Linux namespaces and how they impact running processes

  • What is stored in an OCI image file

  • How the container filesystem is constructed

  • How the container networking stack is constructed


We will begin with a fast overview of how different Linux utilities work together to create a sandboxed environment and run a container. We will then step through each piece one-at-a-time and explore how they work. Finally, we will put all of our acquired knowledge together to run a Fedora container as a standard user without a container runtime. No Podman or Docker!

Your Responsibilities

Have a discussion. This will be boring if it’s just us talking for over two hours.

Participate, by offering questions and sharing opinions.

Hopefully you have your laptop with you. If not, please find a shoulder-surfing buddy to follow along.


Workshop Details

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