OpenShift Service Mesh

OpenShift Service Mesh


As modern applications move toward microservices based architectures the importance of a platform to back both development and operational work grows. Development teams struggle with building, debugging, and connecting services properly. And application operations teams face increasing challenges with hybrid deployments, scaling bottlenecks, recovering from failure, and gathering metrics. Red Hat’s OpenShift Service Mesh lets you connect, secure, control, and observe your microservice based applications.

Who should attend

The workshop is ideal for developers, architects, and technical leads interested in learning more about the latest technologies for microservices based applications. You should be familiar with the fundamentals of containers and Kubernetes.

What you will learn

In this full day, hands-on workshop you’ll learn about to operate and manage a service mesh for a microservices application using Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh. You will get hands-on experience with:


Welcome to the workshop!

If you are on-site with us, the instructor will walk you through and kick off each lab. Otherwise, if you’re running this on your own, just go through the list of labs below in order (as some build off of each other).


These labs are built for use with OpenShift Homeroom. On the day of the workshop, you’ll receive access to a dashboard which contains the labguides, a web terminal, and an embedded web console; so all you need to participate is your browser. If you’d like to review the labs in advance, you can check out the source markdown here.