Container Security Workshop


Learn how to scan, secure and leverage properties in the Linux kernel like seccomp, namespaces, ccgroups to secure your docker containers.

Who should attend

  • People familiar with containers that have had Containers 101

  • Architects

  • Developers

  • Technical leads

  • Operations Engineers

What you will learn

  • Cockpit

  • CGroups

  • Namespaces

  • Seccomp

  • SELinux


Today is meant for anyone who has any exposure to containers, whether you have used them or not. We are going to start with a short overview (yes, slideware) and then we’ll get into the lab as soon as possible. That is where we will spend most of our time.

Your Responsibilities

Have a discussion. This will be boring if it’s just us up here talking for over 4 hours. Participate. We are going to cut you loose with containers here in just a little while. Have questions. Have opinions. Hopefully you have your laptop with you. If not, please find a shoulder-surfing buddy. See? Not only can we dig into containers but you can make a new friend! Agenda


Special Thanks to:

  • Dan Walsh

  • Bob Kozdemba

  • Brent Baude

  • Adrian Mouat

Workshop Details

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