Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Workshop Description

This workshop will cover the features, specifications and improvements that comprise the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 8 (RHEL 8). RHEL 8 brings many improvements over previous releases, including:

  • Application streams, which enables the use of bleeding edge interpreters, compilers and libraries, while maintaining full backwards compatibility and stability of the system

  • The web console has been completely overhauled, and significant new features have been added

    • Session recording capability has been added to the web console

  • Image builder provides the easy creation of customized RHEL installation images

  • The system package management tool, YUM, has been enhanced with DNF technology, providing significant performance improvements

  • The System Purpose tool has been enhanced to automatically tune system performance for the usage of the system

  • There is a new update-crypto-policies tool, which applies cryptograhic polices system-wide

    • TLS, IPsec, DNSSEC, Kerberos, and SSH protocols are covered

  • The system Python interpreter has been updated to version 3.6

  • System firmware updating is now built into the GNOME Software tool, using fwupd

  • The system firewall has been upgraded to 'nftables' from 'iptables', which provides significantly better performance. The firewall manager, 'firewalld', remains the same

Who should attend

  • Architects

  • Developers

  • Technical Leads

  • Operations Engineers

What you will learn

  • What’s new in RHEL 8

  • How to use the web console

  • How to update your system

  • How to manage terminal session recording

  • How to manage containers with podman

  • How to manage system-wide cryptographic policies

  • How to manage application streams

  • How to use OpenSCAP

  • How to create custom container images with buildah

  • How to use RHEL system roles with ansible


The RHEL 8 workshop is meant for anyone who has any exposure to Linux, whether you have used this distribution, or not. The event will begin with a short overview and then will move on to the lab.

Your Responsibilities

Have a Discussion. This will be boring if it’s just us, up here talking for over 4 hours.

Participate. We are going to cut you loose with RHEL, in just a little while. Have questions. Have opinions.

Hopefully you have your laptop with you. If not, please find a shoulder-surfing buddy. See? Not only can we dig into RHEL, but you can make a new friend!


Workshop Details

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