Exercise 1.12 - Explore Utilization

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Exercise 1.12 - Explore Utilization

Exercise Description

CloudForms Management Engine server can collect and analyze capacity and utilization data from your virtual infrastructure. In this exercise, you will learn how to view utilization metrics.

Section 1: Explore Utilization

Step 1. Select OptimizeUtilization.


Step 2. Select Region 10Cloud/Infrastructure ProvidersRHV-M.

Region 10 RHV-M Utilization

Step 3. On the Summary tab, review the daily utilization chart.

Section 2: Finer Utilization Details

Step 1. Select the Details tab and review the CPU and Memory trend charts.

Region 10 RHV-M Utilization Details

Step 2. Select the Report tab and review the detailed report.

Region 10 RHV-M Utilization Report

The information in the report is similar to the information on the Summary tab, but it is presented in text format.

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