Exercise 1.0 - Install buildah, skopeo, and podman

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Exercise 1.0: Installing Buildah, Skopeo and Podman

Set up dependencies

Elevate privileges

In order to do any of the steps in the Containers 101 Workshop, you will need root privileges. There are two methods of doing this; the method you choose is up to you. Either method will work, but in a production environment, Method 2 is much more secure and auditable.

Method 1: The first, and easiest, method is to start a root session, with sudo -i:

sudo -i

Method 2: Alternatively, you can preface each command that we show you with sudo. For example, to move a file:

sudo mv file /tmp/

Install Buildah, Skopeo, and Podman

The Docker tooling requires a daemon (service) to operate. There are alternative command-line interface (CLI) tools, which provide focused separation of the Docker command’s features and extends their capabilities. The following three commands will be used throughout this workshop.

  • Buildah - is used to build Open Container Initiative (OCI) format or Docker format container images without the need for a daemon.

  • Podman - provides the ability to directly run container images without a daemon. Podman can pull container images from a container registry, if they are not available locally.

  • Skopeo - offers features for pulling and pushing containers to registries. Moving containers between registries is supported. Container image inspection is also offered and some introspective capabilities can be performed, without first downloading the container itself.

yum -y install buildah skopeo podman

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