Exercise 5 - All Together Now

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Let’s put all of our new namespace skills to use! Again, we will be working as the rhel user.

su - rhel  # if neccessary
unshare -mipfnuUr /bin/bash
mount -t proc none /proc
mount -t tmpfs none /tmp
mount -t sysfs none /sys

With the call to unshare, we used all of the flags that we have used in the previous exercises. We also mounted three new filesystems after creating our sandbox. The new proc filesystem allow us to lookup processes in our current PID namespace. The new tmp filesystem prevents us from sharing a /tmp directory with the host. If you are not switching out the filesystem, this is generally a good idea. The new sysfs filesystem gives the Kernel a clean space to report its state with all of our new namespaces.

We have now created a fully isolated environment on our system by only using namespaces!

Feel free to play around in your sandbox and type exit when you are done.

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