Lab 2.1 - Reviewing container details

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Now that we have a running container, we can browse our project details with the command line

Try typing the following to see what is available to ‘get’:

$ oc project demo-YOUR#
$ oc get all

Now let’s look at what our image stream has in it:

$ oc get is
$ oc describe is/nexus

An image stream can be used to automatically perform an action, such as updating a deployment, when a new image, in our case a new version of the nexus image, is created.

The app is running in a pod, let’s look at that:

$ oc describe pods

We can see those details using the web console too

Let’s look at the image stream.

Click on "Developer", in the top left corner, and change it to "Administrator"

Click on "Builds", in the left-side menu, then "Image Streams", and then click on nexus

You should see something similar to this:

Test out the nexus webapp

Change the context menu (the menu, in the top left, that contains “Administrator” and “Developer” back to “Developer”, and click on the arrow, at the top right of the “nexus” thumbnail, to open the webapp’s route.


If you get the following when attempting to browse the route …

Go to this URL:
This error means you missed a step above to set the path; however, the container is running …

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