Exercise 1.1 - What's New in RHEL 8

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Application streams

Application streams deliver user space packages on a cadence that makes sense for the package rather than as a monolithic distribution. Streams also allow the consolidation of previous distribution channels to a single place.

Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Insights is included with your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 subscription. It helps provide a security-focused, reliable, efficient, and scalable infrastructure environment.

Image builder

Image builder lets customers build images from source RPMs that are deployable to multiple targets quickly and simply, and provides fine-grained control and visibility in to what’s included in a particular image and its history. It allows customers to manage the life cycle of their image catalogs independently of the release of new packages.

New container tools

New container tools—Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo—form a strong foundation to support your container image and container needs.

Web console

The web console provides a single browser-based interface to all of the available tools and improves the user experience for new users and experienced administrators alike.

Virtual data optimizer

This virtual data optimizer provides volume-level compression and data deduplication to eliminate data redundancy and increase effective storage capacity for new and existing devices.

System roles

System roles allow customers to configure subsystems using Ansible.® They deliver a layer of abstraction at the automation level, providing a common syntax across multiple major versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Systemwide crypto policies

Creating a systemwide crypto policy allows admins to set the acceptable algorithms in multiple sources with a single configuration.

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