Exercise 2.1 - Run CI/CD pipeline (powered by Tekton) in Red Hat OpenShift

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Exercise Description

View the created pipeline and review the container that Ansible orchestrate deploying to the edge node.

Let’s review the container build

Select Pipelines in the left menu:

s2i pipelines

=== Click on Pipeline Runs in the menu, and then edge-?????? (where ?????? is some alphanumeric sequence):

s2i view pipeline

Wait until pipeline details are green.

Feel gree to watch the progress by selecting the Logs tab

s2i view pipeline green

View built container images …​

Select Topology in the left menu

s2i view topology

Review running container

s2i view topology url

IMPORTANT: If your deployment does not say "edge" and begins with s2i; then, you missed a step in exercise 2.0 (Resources) where you declared the name. Please go back and repeat exercise 2.0.

Ensure that you see the running container return the output "Release 1"

s2i view edge release
Review running container

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