Exercise 3.0 - Configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux to run containers

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Exercise Description

As part of the exercise, we are going to run a login command on the edge node to set a temporary token. This token will allow the edge node to log into the Red Hat OpenShift registry and download containers.

As part of the exercise, we have built a playbook for you; however, no all of the variables are assigned. This allows us to distribute the playbook to multiple workshops and you the capability to understand how to run playbooks in Ansible tower and assign custom variables to those plays. As part of the exercise, you will create a Template within Ansible tower to run the defined playbook, set the custom variables, and define a survey to prompt you to enter the sensitive credential via a prompt.

Navigate in your browser to …​


tower login
Login with your credentials

Let’s explore …​ Projects

Select Project

tower projects select
Projects tab - Left hand side of screen

Click on user1-playbooks [GIT]

The following menu reflects where all of the playbooks delegated to your user exist.

tower projects info

Let’s explore …​ Inventories

Select Inventories

tower inv select
Inventories tab - Left hand side of screen

Click on user1-inventory

As part of the workshop, we have preconfigured an inventory for you.

tower inv select host

If you select HOSTS, you will notice that you will continue to utilize the edge node from the prior sections.

Let’s explore …​ Credentials

Select Credentials

tower cred select
Credentials tab - Left hand side of screen

Click on user1-cred

A SSH key has been loaded into this credential to allow you to connect to your edge node

tower cred ssh
Encrypted credential

Note: Different credential types exists for different types of nodes that you want to manage.

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